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EAU ROUGE : an indie-rock Stuttgart based band

Tell me EMIE, who’s Eau Rouge ?

Eau Rouge is an indie-rock band that we discovered thanks to the release of their last music video « I Know That You Know ». We talked with the boys to found out more about their upcoming 2nd album, their electro influences and their relationship with France

E : Can you introduce yourself for those who don’t know you ?

ER : We’re EAU ROUGE, a indie-pop-trio originally from Stuttgart in the south of Germany, and currently we are in Berlin to finish the work on our second album.

E : Why this French name « Eau Rouge » for a German band ? Do you have a specific link with this country ?

Jonas : It sounds beautiful but has that tragic connotation to it…this combination just felt right for our music. Also, France felt like a musical home from the beginning, bands like M83 are a big inspiration for us.

E : You’ve recently released your new single « I Know That You Know », can you tell us more about it ? And about the music video ?

Jonas : We shot the video during summer when corona-situation had eased up a bit, but we were still limited what we could do. So we came up with that neon-style 90’s look and decided to just have fun during the shoot. Because that’s also what the song is about: be yourself, let down the masquerade, stay true.

E : Your second album will be released next spring, how did you work on it ? Do you want to bring something different compared to the first one ?

Jonas : Yes, we have some new elements to our sound and also what was really important for us this time was to record the basic tracks live together. So we did that in our rehearsal space and in that process also defined a lot of the sound we had envisioned for the new album.
After that we wanted to get a bit of a fresh vibe, so we went to Berlin to Riverside Studios to do some additional production, and you will also here that « Berlin-influence » on it !

E : is there a theme in particular that you wanted to mention in this album ?

Bo : Most of the songs somehow deal with places, people, feelings and situations that constitute what the term « home » means to us, especially on the  songs written on the road, away from home.

Home being a feeling rather than a place, « Finding » home in the music in general and in difficult times, becoming aware that the route is the destination, me personally understanding that this band and the music we make is my real « home ».
I also like the idea of « finding (the way back to) yourself » as a motif of the record…at least for me that’s a powerful notion.

E : We can hear electro influences on your first album, is that something we will find on the second album ?

Jonas : Yes and even more so, but in a different kind of way. What you hear as distorted synthesizers on the first album are mostly our guitars run through effect pedals.
This time we worked more with retro sounds and also actual synthesizers and sequencers here and there.

E : You’ve performed in Europe and USA, what was your favorite show ?

Magnus : We’ve had wonderful shows both in Europe and the US. But we have to admit playing in the USA was pretty exciting. The three of us grew up listening to a lot of american bands. Then actually going there in order to MAKE music there… that was something else. We were really nervous how the people would react. It tuned out to be one of our greatest musical experience!

E : What do you think of the indie music scene in Germany ?

Magnus : It is really an interesting time to be within and to observe the indie music scene in Germany. Corona has changed a lot but you can also see a lot of I guess you can call it pioneering spirit ! People get ready for a time after and I mean that in a very positive and exciting way. A smell of liberation is in the air!

E : You’ve recently signed with Riptide Records, what would be the best place to play live in France to you and why ?

Magnus : Simply to play France will be amazing! The people in France have a very unique taste and to be able to play there would be some kind of accolade. I think it is not easy to be accepted in France but if the people let you in their hearts it is a bond of a special kind. That’s what we go for !

Jonas : I’ve been to Pitchfork Festival Paris before and would love to play there.

E : To conclude, what are your plans for the near future ?

Magnus : To go out and play. Go to France and play go back to the US and play. We are done watching live concerts of our favorite bands from back in the days again and again. We’re ready. Our album is almost finished and then we’ll bring it to the people !

Thanks to the boys for taking the time to answer theses questions. 

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