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NOVATINES : a new explosive british rock band

Tell me EMIE, who’s Novatines ? 

Novatines is a british rock band influenced from 90s american alternative rock and grunge. We wanted to learn more about their first EP, their new single « Honey » and their first postcovid show.

E : First, can you introduce yourself ? 

N : Novatines, the band she told you not to worry about !

E :  How can you describe your music for those who don’t know you?

N : It’s the audio equivalent of doing 10 packets of airwaves chewing gum at once, it’ll either blow you away to another dimension or you’ll lose your tastebuds for life, chew chew x

E : You’re inspired by 70s and 90s music, what artists are you the most inspired by?

N : The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and many many more.


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E : What message are you trying to transmit through your music ? 

N : The message of our lord and saviour Phil Mitchell, keeping rock n roll alive !

E : You’ve just released a new single Honey, can you tell us more about it ? (we feel like a feeling of revolt against the actual world)

N : It’s a song about seeing through bullshit, whether it be fads, short lived trends or just the general wool over ones eyes, it’s also a quick little ditty for those with short attention spans.

E : You’ve also released your first EP « Wasted Youth » last February,  can you tell us more about it ?  (Inspirations, messages …)

N : It’s a good introduction to the band, I guess the general message is that it’s cool to be an outsider and to think and act however you want, just as long as you aren’t trying to be someone else. I think it’s more important to take your own meaning from it though, it’s far more interesting to make up your own stories !

E : What do you think of the indie rock music scene in the UK?  What sets you apart from the other bands ? 

N : It’s a cool time for the genre with bands like Demob Happy, Idles and Fontaines D.C who absolutely kill it, genuine rock n roll! I guess what sets us apart is that we are a chorus driven rock band full of hooks and riffs, but also one that doesn’t take itself too seriously at all, it’s all shits and giggles.

E : What are the songs/artists you like the most at the moment ? 

N : I guess the guys mentioned above all make the grade alongside old school stuff like Beatles, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana and Pearl Jam  are also on repeat !

E : You will be playing your first live show postcovid this Sunday, how do you feel about it?

N : Buzzed, this is the longest we’ve gone without gigging in years! We’re gonna be running all over the place getting all that energy out.

E : To finish what are your plans for the future ? What can we wish you the most ? 

N : Our plan at the moment is just to write better and better until touring opens up properly, then our plan is to play everywhere and write even better! Then at some point we’ll get Steve McFadden to star in one of our music videos, unleash the beast !

Thanks to Novatines for taking the time to answer these questions 
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You can also read the french version of the interview here.