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FEVER : an indie pop band with various influences

Tell me EMIE, who’s Fever ? 

Fever is a british indie-pop band, who had the opportunity to sign last year with Blossoms record label called Very Clever Records. We had a chat with Sam about their influences, their latest single « Electric », their encounter with Blossoms and the british indie scene. 

E : First, can you introduce yourself ?

F : We are James Harrod, Mitchell Capes, Charley May, Sam Howell & Joe Gray, and we are Fever.

E : Can you tell us more about your name Fever ? Why this name ?

F : This one is unfortunately not the most exciting story, but the name came from a list of names we had, and it was the best of the bunch ! 

E : How can you describe your music for those who don’t know you ?

F : We would describe our music as indie pop.

E : What artists are you the most inspired by ?

F : We all love different artists but mutual artists would include The Beatles, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys.

E : What message are you trying to transmit through your music ?

F : We just want people to enjoy our music as much as we do ! 

E : How do you compose ? Lyrics or instrumental first ? 

F : We have a pretty open way of composing. We usually take an initial idea written outside the rehearsal room, then take it in there and make it into a Fever song. Everyone can put their stamp on it.

E : You’ve created the band recently, and you’ve already signed via Blossoms’ Label, what led you to signed with them ?

F : James knew Joe from Blossoms from his previous group, they stayed friends. We would send demos across to the guys, and they really liked what we were doing. When we were ready to go, they kindly offered to sign us to their label.

E : You’ve just supported Blossoms for few dates and you will be supporting them on August ? what can you learned from this experience ?

F : We learned a lot from that tour. How to adjust to those size venues and we got tighter and tighter every night we played. We were super grateful to go out on tour with Blossoms, and how to adjust to life on the tour. All round great experience !

E : Can you tell us more about your last single «Electric » ? what theme/ message you want to talk about ?

F : Electric is inspired by the thrill of the pre-relationship phase and not knowing where it’s going to end up. 

E : Are you planning on releasing an EP or album in the near future ?

F : Yeah we’re planning on releasing an EP in the near future, we’ve got it all written and demoed. We just need to get in the studio to record it properly ! 

E : What do you think of the indie music scene in UK ? Is it hard to find your place with all these new bands ?

F : We think it’s great. So many good bands out there at the minute, and quite a few we have played with. If you have good songs and you’re a good bunch of people, there is always room for new bands. 

E : During this hard period, what are the 3 songs you like the most ?

F : At the minute we like ‘The Adults Are Talking’ by The Strokes, ‘Adore You’ by Harry Styles, ‘Lost In Yesterday’ by Tame Impala. We have a playlist on our spotify page with all our favourite lockdown songs getting us by.

E : We hope you will be back on tour soon ! Are you planning on coming to Paris ?

F : We can’t wait to be back too! We would love to play in Paris, fingers crossed we get to visit after all this is over.

Thanks to San forsaking the time to answer these questions. 

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You can also read the french version of the interview here