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WEIRD MILK : a promising retro pop band

Tell me EMIE, who’s Weird Milk

Weird Milk is probably one of the best new bands of 2020. It’s a pop retro band, influenced by the 60s based in West London. The band is composed of Zach Campbell, Charlie Glover-Wright, Alex Griffiths and Joe ‘Blue’ Moyle. We had the opportunity to talk with Zach about their inspirations, their last single « Is That Love » and the future EP.

E: First, can you introduce yourself ? 

WM: We are Weird Milk, and I am Zach from Weird Milk.

E: How can you describe your music for those who don’t know you ?

WM: Retro super-pop

E: What artists are you the most inspired by ?

WM: Most inspired by people like The Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson, The Kinks, Randy Newman, more recently the Lemon Twigs. Just good songwriting.

E: What message are you trying to transmit through your music ?  

WM: Love, happiness and longing.

E: How do you compose ? lyrics or instrumental first ? 

WM: Usually the music and melody come first, and then the lyrics.

E: Can you tell us more about your last single « Is That Love»  ?

WM: Is That Love is an ode to a dysfunctional relationship that the character could do better without. We were inspired by Dionne Warwicks ‘Walk on by’ when writing and recording it.

E: Are you planning on releasing an EP or album in the near future ? 

WM: Yes we plan to start on an EP very soon and an album as soon as we can.

E: To finish, do you have something to add ? (Hope to see you soon in Paris )

WM: We hope to play in Paris as soon as we can too! 

You can also read our french version of the interview here