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THE CLAUSE : the new indie rock band from Birmingham

Tell me EMIE, who’s The Clause

The Clause is a rock’n’roll band from Birmingham. The band was founded by Pearce McMenamin, Niall Fennell and Jonny Fyffe, Liam Deakin later joined. They told us more about their inspirations, their new single » In My Element » and their last show at The Supersonic in Paris. 

E: First, can you introduce yourself ?

TC: We’re the Clause, a 4 piece rock and roll band hailing from Birmingham.

E: How can you describe your music for those who don’t know you?

TC: Music with a 60’s swagger, 80’s groove with a 90’s attack. 

E: What artists are you the most inspired by ?

TC: The big ones throughout the years, the stones, the doors, the Bee Gee’s, Oasis etc!

E: What message are you trying to transmit through your music ?  

TC: Just that of enjoying life, music that relates to people and makes them feel good about life and what they have going on.

E: How do you compose ? lyrics or instrumental first ?

TC: It varies from song to song, best to always keep it fresh and try new things.

E: Can you tell us more about your last single « In My Element »  ?

TC: It’s changed a lot for us, it’s about euphoria and the nightlife where we’re from. We’re really proud of it and how well it did.

E: Are you planning on releasing an EP or album in the near future ?

TC: Not sure about an EP or album but they’ll definitely be a lot of new music on the way!

E: How was your first show in Paris at the Supersonic ?

TC: It was incredible, to see it so busy so early for us even though nobody knew who we were was amazing. Hoping to come back ASAP.

Thanks to The Clause for taking the time to answer these questions.

You can also read our french version of the interview here