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SHARON LOPEZ : an autodidact and opportunist photographer

Tell me EMIE, who’s Sharon Lopez ?

Sharon Lopez is a photographer, she’s from Barcelona and works between UK and Spain. She specialises in music and fashion photography. She has worked with bands such as Anteros, Two Door Cinema Club, Sports Team, Confidence Man and festivals like Primavera Sound or End of the road.

E: How did you start photography ?

S: I started shooting with my phone, some bands posted that pictures in their accounts (Cameron Avery, The Drums…). I just went to concerts to enjoy. I just graduated from Film Editor and photography wasn’t on my plans. But my friends and my family pushed me to start in photography. For christmas, my mum gifted me my first professional camera. I started to go to shows and one day from DIY magazine offered me to cover the tour of Shame in Spain. Since there I worked hard to get into the industry. I haven’t stopped creating looking for my site in the industry.

Sharon Lopez
Sharon Lopez
E: What are your inspirations in general ? Especially in photography ?

S: When I started with music, I focused a lot on capturing the moment and the energy. When I entered the industry, I started meeting other photographers and documenting how I liked and aspired to achieve things. When I started working in fashion I realized that it is essential to have an open mind and absorb many references. So I have folders on Instagram and Pinterest where I keep everything I like and can recover when I need to get inspired. Internet is the best place to discover and found inspiration.

Two Door Cinema Club - Sharon Lopez
Two Door Cinema Club – Sharon Lopez
E: What are the photographers you like the most ?

S: I think this question is always a good opportunity to shout out the photographers who need that help to talk about their work and people really need know them.

@MaxDillon7 is only 18 years old and he is studying photography at the moment. He’s so good and he’s documenting the music scene in Black and White.

@bufola I know him since I started. He is so good. His works is amazing he got the shot always. Is a good reference for what you want your work to become.

@milaaustin_ London based photographer who worked with The Hunna and Dylan and other incredible artist. Her shoots are full of colors and energy

@zyanyalorenzo she is Spaniard living in Ireland she is so good. She manage the light incredible. She works with the local bands creating all the content.

@nicholasodonnell recently worked with The Murder Capital and these shots had all I want in photography: ENERGY. 

@joshuaatkins a storyteller. I absolutely love his work. He is a Soccerbible collaborator and he had some sick portraits like one of the iconic Liam Gallagher.

@charlottealex_ is incredible. She is starting with music photography but she is so good. I would have liked to be as good as her when I started.

E: Why are you specialize into concert photography ?

S: I love music. I found a strong connection with listen music and shoot music. Love that feeling when you are documenting the show with images. I felt I was my to create art in this world.

E: What is the picture you are the most proud?

S: During the Shame concert at the End of the road in 2018. After the three songs I went to take pictures of the audience. I managed to get into the moshpit and capture the moment before the madness. That photo reminds me every day because I like working in the music industry.

Shame - Sharon Lopez
Shame – Sharon Lopez
E: As a streetstyle photographer, what is your link to fashion ?

S: Just like in music, I started in the fashion world a bit by chance. I was eager to learn and a friend was taking a fashion photography course. I thought it would be useful to be able to apply it when I had the opportunity to make portraits of bands. But he talked about fashion week and a new world opened up for me. I went to London and then to Paris and I loved it. Soon after I got to work with brands like Levi’s, Fred Perry and work at events. Right now I just want to keep growing and focus more on fashion editorials. I continue documenting, learning, and teaching my gaze. It is a hard world but I really enjoy portraying people.

Sharon Lopez
Sharon Lopez


E: What’s led you to music photography ?

S: I finished my career as a film editor, that summer I went to London and discovered a new world. I went to a concert every day and documented it with my iphone. It wasn’t really in my plans to be a photographer but I discovered that it made me very happy. As I told you before, one thing led me to another and I ended up professionalizing myself. I feel like this is my place in the world.

E: If you had to choose between music and fashion, what would you choose ?

S: Fashion helps me to pays my bills. But the music fills me up and keep me happy loving my work. They both bring me very positive things. I love Fashion and Music. I need to always be creating. And I want to continue growing in both and learning. But I feel that if one day I say goodbye to the music industry, part of me will go with it and it will be very sad.

Shame – Sharon Lopez
E: What is your dream photo shoot (artist/band) ?

S: I dream of working with Arctic Monkeys. I am a big fan of the band and Alex Turner, for me it is part of my adolescence. I hope that one day someone will give me the opportunity.

E: During this hard period, what are the 3 songs you like the most ?

S: My friends Belako just realised some songs of their next album. I’m on loop with « Tie Me Up” I feel like is the OST of my life.The new album of Dua Lipa keep me happy and in good mood. My favorite of the album is LevitatingAnd Hinds just realised Good Bad Times and I looooove this song. Love the new era of them.

E: How do you deal with this hard period as a photographer ?

S: It’s being very complicated, honestly. I have been unable to be productive. In Spain it is being much more demanding than in other countries. We can only leave the house to make the purchase. I’m trying to take it easy, read a lot, watch series, live concerts, sometimes I just have a coffee while I look out the window and the days go by. I hope everyone does not feel the pressure that they sometimes feel in the air: you do not need to post photos every day, nothing happens if someone does not mention you in the stupid chains … do what you feel, prepare for when we have to come back to continue creating. Take this time to reconnect with you.

E: What are your plans for the future ?

S: Regarding work, everything is on standby. No one knows what will happen in a few months, nor if many things can continue to be done. I am waiting for good news and to resume my career.
And regarding my life in general, the good thing about this quarantine is that I am thinking a lot about the future. I would like to start creating my own projects and work in studio. Back to London and pursuit my big dreams.

Thanks Sharon Lopez for taking the time to answer these questions.

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