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LEWIS EVANS : a devoted photographer

Tell me EMIE, who’s Lewis Evans

Lewis Evans is a music photographer, UK based. He tells us more about his work with Blossoms and Inhaler,  his inspirations and his projects. 

E : First, can you introduce yourself ?

L : I’m Lewis Evans, I’m 23 and I’m currently based just outside of Manchester.

E : How did you start photography ?

L : I’ve always held a love for all things music and when I was in my 1st year at university I had a few friends on my course that shot music, whether that be portraiture or live shows. I decided to blow my student loan on buying a camera, however I kept it quiet from my parents. A lot of trial & error, combined with shooting endless amounts of shows, slowly started to pay off. I owe a lot to my good friends Ethan Weatherby & Patrick Gunning for providing me with much needed criticism and advice in order to learn the ropes.


E : What are your inspirations ? 

L : I could go on forever, however there are undoubtedly a few standouts for me. The likes of Jordan Hughes, Pooneh Ghana, Sam Neill, Phoebe Fox, Niall Lea, Sharon Lopez, Jack Bridgland and Louis Browne all produce content to an impeccably high standard and I’m happy to call some of these guys my friends. It’s a pleasure to work alongside them !

E : Why are you specialize in music photography ?

L : For me it’s getting to go to work every day with your best friends and explore new places; something that touring allows you to experience. I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world and I’ll forever be grateful for that. The ability to capture particular moments and have them frozen for eternity is also something that I get a buzz off.  

E : What is the picture you are the most proud of ?

L : I can sometimes be a bit harsh on myself when it comes to photos I’ve taken, whether it be from a technical aspect or something I’ve missed during a show. However my favourite to date is this one taken during a soundcheck with Blossoms in 2018.

E : What is your dream photoshoot (artist/band) ?

L : I’m a big hip-hop/rap fan, so for me it’d have to be someone like Tyler, The Creator or A$AP Rocky. These guys take so much time and consideration when it comes to their visual output. It’d be great to work on something with them.

E : What are your projects for this new year (ex: touring again with Inhaler) ?

L : I’ve got a lot of heavy touring coming up with Inhaler & Blossoms, which includes my first trip to Japan in February, so I’m looking forward to that. I’ve got a lot of personal projects that I want to work on alongside those, so hopefully I can find some free time to do so. I also want to take some time to plan more creative campaigns/ideas for artists, as the intensity of touring sometimes takes away from allowing yourself to fully express yourself from an artistic point of view.

E : To conclude, what is your favorite music of the moment ?

L : There’s a guy from California called Walterwarm that I love at the moment – very mellow and the perfect music to chill out to. Quelle Chris, FEET, Kaytranada, MF DOOM are all in rotation at the moment too !

Thanks to Lewis Evans for taking the time to answer these questions ! 

Lewis Evans : https://www.lewisevansphotography.co.uk

Photo credits : @thebirdmanjr

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